About Me

A small page composed mostly of lists


Here are some of my current interests:

  • Programming
  • Art
  • Linux/BSD/Unix
  • The Gopher protocol
  • Books
    • Science fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Computing
    • General fiction
    • General non-fiction
    • Bibliographies
    • Biographies
    • Art monographs
  • Movies
  • Learning and personal productivity
  • Boardgames
  • Space travel
  • Robotics

You can also find me on SDF, the public access UNIX system.

This website

I’ve had the ratfactor.com domain since 1997. That’s over twenty years!

I’ve got content with

  • No advertising
  • No tracking/cookies of any kind
  • No JavaScript unless used by a tool on the page
  • No bloat (check out ratfactor’s css file)

Browse this website with your favorite terminal program or screen reader!

retro under construction animated gif

I’ll probably add more to this page when I get a moment. It’s all falling down!