New Atom "RSS" feed!

By request: I've added a feed to the site.
Created: 2021-07-02 Updated: 2021-12-02

Well, it took over three years, but I finally had a second request for an Atom/RSS feed for this website. It’s incredibly gratifying to know that people enjoy my content enough to want updates when I’ve added new stuff.

Update: And five months later (to the day), I’ve come to the conclusion that having a feed has made me more likely to write more often. This, in turn, has made me happier.

Here it is: rss atom.xml rss

(There’s also a link at the top of every page.)

I’m hand-writing the feed for now and have found this syndication page on to be a very readable guide to the format.

I’ve also validated the feed with the W3C Feed Validator.

w3c feed validator valid atom 1.0 badge

I’ll probably (semi-)automate its generation in the future. (Update: adding feed items is now sort of automated by the Perl script I use to sort of manage this website.)

Creating and consuming :-)

I love the concept of RSS and I’ve attempted to use it to follow other websites several times. The last time was shortly before Firefox removed support from the browser. :-(

So now that I’ve created a feed, I’m also going to give using RSS feeds another shot. I’ve been using Thunderbird for email for a while now and, of course, it has feed reader support. This will also be a great way to make sure I’m keeping my own feed up to date (and formatted correctly).

Two week update

Really enjoying it. Having the feed reader right there with my email means I actually check on feed updates.

Five month update

I now consider my feeds in Thunderbird to be my own little personal social media platform. It’s all high-quality content tailored just for me and completely free of any form of advertising and tracking.

Feeds I follow

TODO: link to the feeds I follow here!