Dave's Art

Pen & Ink and Digital Artwork

An example drawing of a stippled skull and tree.

This stippled skull-and-tree was done with a bottle of black ink and a nib pen. It was slated to be used as the cover art for a heavy metal band's album, but I never found out if it was made.

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As I'm writing this, it's been about a year since I did any regular drawing with traditional materials (paper, ink). I've really enjoyed working with my Wacom tablet in Sketchbook Pro. It's a very natural and intuitive system and I find it's just faster to do a quick sketch using the tablet and software than getting out the big art materials bin and some drawing paper (not to mention the cleanup)! The other big advantage is that I would often have to scan my artwork in order to share it with people. Now, it's already in digital form, which saves even more time.

Having a tablet has come in handy in all sorts of non-art situations, too. I annotate documents and screenshots with it all the time. Also, with PDF Annotator, I've even started digitally signing PDF documents (this was a huge sanity saver when purchasing a new house)!