Dave and Jim's B-Movie Reviews

This is a memorial for the most significant content that was originally on ratfactor.com: a series of movie reviews by myself and my friend, Jim. The reviews predate the ratfactor.com domain by at least a year, so the earliest content dates back to somewhere around early 1996.

Here are the earliest screenshots I could scrounge up, circa 1999:

A screenshot of the main page of djbmr circa 1999A screenshot of the list of reviews circa 1999

We eventually had hundreds of reviews and had survived yearly all-night DBMM (Death by Movie Marathon) blow-outs with arm-loads of VHS tapes from the rental store.

All of this happened early enough in the history of the web that our relatively small and amateurish venture in movie reviewing was surprisingly popular.

Here's what it looked like around 2002 - at this point, it is running Perl with a plaintext database:

A screenshot of the main page of djbmr circa 2002

And here's much later in 2012. By now it was re-written (at least three times!) in PHP with a new plaintext storage mechanism (it was stored in XML and then JSON before that!):

A screenshot of the main page of djbmr circa 2012

Sadly, all of that content is now woefully out of date, so I have decided (as of 2017 - over 20 years later!), to put it to rest.

Thanks for all of the visitors over the years. It was tons of fun!