Millenium Group Countdown

Make your own countdown 'til Doomsday!

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Screencap of the Millenium Group countdown login from the TV show

Original Millenium Group countdown from the TV show Millenium

The TV show Millenium regularly featured a computer network login with a doomsday countdown inside a distinctive ouroboros logo.

But who says you have to find out how long it it until the end of the world? (Default date is Dec 21, 2010 - the end of a "great cycle" in the Mayan calendar.) You can see the number of days until your birthday or some other event.

Fill out the little form above and click the Countdown! button. You'll get your own Millenium Group-style countdown. You can add the countdown page to your favorites or copy the page address and send it to your friends to frighten or amuse. For the full effect, try putting your browser in full screen mode (typically activated by pressing the F11 key)!