Dave's 1977 Chevrolet K10 Truck

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Dave's 1977 Chevrolet K10 Truck

The truck contemplating its next move

This machine has been an ongoing project for 8 years as of this writing. It has an 8" lift, 35" BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO tires, and the entire locomotive portion of the vehicle (from the engine to the wheels) is pretty much brand new.

After throwing thousands of dollars at it, I still have a driveline vibration problem at certain highway speeds. I've had a hard time convincing people that this is a problem. It is not in my imagination as it eventually loosens the U-joints on the rear drive shaft. Because of this, I hate taking it on the highway, which limits its usefulness.

If I ever manage to work up the desire to shell out some more cash, I may pay to have some experts put it on a dyno and attempt to locate the exact source of the problem. If the vibration were to go away, I would be one happy guy.

Things ruled out so far in the search for the vibration:

*Though I generally think of the people who did the shims as serious pros, I still believe this is the source of the problem. My readings on the subject seem to back up that theory. If you have any ideas, by all means let me know!


350 Goodwrench Crate Engine

350 Goodwrench Crate Engine

Goodwrench 10067353 350 "Universal" crate long block. I bought this engine brand new when the previous one reached the end of its life and started knocking.

Displacement350 cubic inches
Compression Ratio8.5:1
Estimated HP250 HP
Estimated Torque350 ft. lbs at 3600 rpm
BlockPart #10066034
Casting #10066036
Main Bearings4-Bolt mains, 2-piece rear main seal
CrankshaftPart #3932444
Flywheel Bolt PatternNodular Iron 1985 and older
Connecting RodsPowdered metal (Part #10108688)
PistonsCast Aluminum (Part #12514101)
Oil PumpG.M. High Volume Pump (Part #12555284)
CamshaftLow End Torque Oriented Hydralic Flat Tappet w/fuel lobe (Part #14088839)
Intake Lift.383"
Exhaust Lift.401"
Intake Duration194 at .050"
Exhaust Duration202 at .050"
Lobe Seperation112
Cylinder Heads*Part #14034808, Casting #33417369
1.94" Intake valve, 1.50" Exhaust Valve
76cc Combustion Chamber
Exhaust Flange7 Bolt Standard
Intake Manifold TypePre-1986 Bolt Pattern
Valve CoversPerimeter bolt style

*PaceParts.com notes that these cylinder heads are "very similar to the old #882 castings from the 1970's


Edelbrock Performer 1400 Carburetor

Performer 1400.

Edelbrocks Performer 1400 Carburetor. From the promotional material: "Performer carburetors feature two-piece, all-aluminum construction for cooler operating temperatures and less warping. There are no gaskets below the fuel bowl level for fewer leaks, and no plastic parts or power valves to blow out. The carbs use easily changed metering rods for precise tuning, and the primary venturi booster is a bottom-feed design for smoother acceleration and better drivability."

Purchased this through Summit. I am very happy with their service.

Number of Barrels4
Carburetor FlangeSquare bore
Secondary TypeAir valve
Fuel InletSingle
Throttle Linkage TypeUniversal

Intake Manifold

Edelbrock Performer 2101 Intake Manifold

Edelbrock Performer 2101

Edelbrock Performer 2101. From the promotional material: "Edelbrock Performer intake manifolds are low-rise, dual-plane designs with patented runner tuning and a 180 degree firing order you won't find with the competition. This combination boosts torque over a wide rpm range, from idle to 5,500 rpm."

As with the carburetor, this was purchased new through Summit.

Engine Block StyleStock/OEM standard deck
Intake StyleDual plane
Basic Operating RPM RangeIdle-5,500


TH350 Transmission

Hydramatic TH350

Rebuilt GM Hydramatic TH350 Automatic Transmission. This was the first thing I replaced on the truck. That makes it the oldest part in the drivetrain!

1st Gear Ratio2.52
2nd Gear Ratio1.52
3rd Gear Ratio1.00

Transfer Case

New Process NP205 Transfer Case


New Process NP205. Bought this on eBay to replace the NP207 chain-drive case that came with my truck. I also replaced the drive shaft to accomodate the different length (and perhaps different output spline? I can't remember.)

TypePart-Time, Gear-Driven
Low Gear Ratio1.98
High Gear Ratio1.00

Misc Part Reference

Here are some random replacement fluids and parts for the truck.

Part TypeReplacement Part
Balancer6" or 8" 2:00 timing mark
Spark Plugs AC Delco R45TS gapped at .045"
Oil FilterPF25, PF35, PF1218, or PF35L
OilGenerally 10W30 or 10W40