"nasmjf" - My NASM assembler port of JonesFORTH

Created: 2022-07-22

Hello! This is a stub of a page for my JonesFORTH port. The README on the repo is currently the best place to learn about it:


I’ve also got a fun article about my process of writing this port called Assembly Nights!

My port targets Linux on x86 (as with the original JonesFORTH) and has been ported from GNU Assembler (GAS) to the "Netwide Assembler" (NASM):


The other big difference between my port and the original JonesFORTH is that I read the jonesforth.f source upon load so just running the executable is enough to get the complete FORTH implementation (original JonesFORTH requires you to pipe the "second half" of the interpreter into itself!).

TODO: Expand on the readme a little bit?

TODO: Make linked pages for each of the logs (logNN.txt) from the repo with summary titles for easy reading.

At the moment, I’m stymied by confusion about the LATEST variable/word. Here’s a whole page describing the problem: The Latest Word.