Ratfactor.com circa the year 2000

screenshot of ratfactor.com in the year 2000 - lots of red on black

The year was 2000 and I was hand-writing my pages in notepad.exe.

I was excited about Perl and Java. Perl because it was fun and had a fun culture and the Web ran on Perl. Java because it was hot hot hot and everywhere you went, the store bookshelves groaned under the weight of "Learn How to Java in 90 Seconds!" titles.

I remember that the cool "R" logo in the screenshot above was rendered in The Persistence of Vision Raytracer (povray.org) which was very exciting because it was completely free software that could render beautiful images! I played a lot with POV-Ray and even wrote a Java program that could read a JPEG image and then write a POV-Ray scene file with each pixel from the image as a colored sphere on a floating 2D plane in the scene.

My thanks to https://web.archive.org/ for making it so easy to see this version of my website. I have my own archives, but they're currently sitting on a stack of hard drives in the basement...ugh.