Hello RSS Club!

Shhhh! It's a secret!
Page created: 2021-10-19 , updated: 2022-11-07

Welcome traveler!

This page isn’t linked anywhere on my website. So, in theory, you’re here because you’re part of the elite. You subscribe to RSS feeds!

I found out about Dave Rupert’s RSS Club from Evan Traver’s RSS feed (specifically RSS Feed Update).

What here?

I’m not even going to link to the other entries here. You’ll just have to subscribe to my "RSS" feed (actually, Atom, but whatever) to see 'em. Cause that’s the whole point.

I might change my mind later.

I’ll probably probably use this for the sort of short, blog-like entries that I don’t normally post on ratfactor.com. (For a couple years, I was doing that on Gopher. You can find those entries if you search hard enough, but the whole point was to have a smaller audience and away from the search engines.)


I think this whole idea is really fun.

I love the recent trend towards the small web and personal home pages.

Though my website is intentionally "boring" to make it as readable as possible on the widest range of devices possible, I’ve found the whimsy of Kicks Condor to be hugely inspiring as well as a great way to get caught up on happenings in the "indie web".