Find a word which contains all of your provided letters

Provide a list of letters (or a word) and get back any words which use some or all of the letters. To find the word "cattle", you would have to provide two letter t's in your list of letters. You can also limit the results to words of a minimum length so that short words like "a" and "an" can be eliminated.

These results are particularly suitable for creating acronyms and transforming words. It does not find "anagrams", as those can be multiple words. Note: this also works particularly well for getting unstuck while finding the longest word(s) in the free Every Word game on the Amazon Kindle, as well as other word games. Enjoy!

May 16, 2013: I've finally replaced the old dictionary with a vastly better one. Specifically the '2of4brif.txt' dictionary from the 12Dicts package by Kevin Atkinson. We are all in Kevin's debt for this excellent word list. Thanks Kevin!

Feb 2, 2011: I've added a new feature! You can now click on a word to see its definition on Merriam-Webster's website.