My Notebook System

Created: 2020-07-09
This page is a draft and This may be incomplete, incorrect, or just a stub or outline. I've decided to allow myself to put draft pages on my website as an experiment. I'm hoping they will:
  • Help me address my backlog of article ideas.
  • Serve as a "living" TODO list of things to work on.
  • Be useful to myself or others in their incomplete forms.
As always, I'm happy to accept feedback on anything I publish including draft content.

This is truly just a placeholder for a large article.

the type of field notes notebook i always have on me

Rough outline:

  • The log - a notebook that I always have in my pocket

    • Capture system and diary - structured but flexible, compact

    • Equipment tried

    • Current equipment

  • The transcription system

  • Making sense of it all - weekly wrap-ups

  • Making sense of it all - monthly "reflection"

  • Making it more useful - various automation schemes