Public Notes

Created: 2021-11-05 Updated: 2021-11-05

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The other day, I was upgrading the Kernel on my Asus laptop (running Slackware Linux 14.2). I fought with UEFI booting for half of a Saturday (thankfully I slept on it, or I would have nuked the site from orbit that evening.)

The next morning, I messed with it a couple more hours before I finally did what I should have done in the first place: checked my wiki (page currently a really early draft).

I couldn’t believe it: I had gone down this exact path two years before. (Despite all menu options indicating the contrary, you have to use legacy boot, the use of the Windows EFI bootloader is hard-coded into the laptop’s ROM!) It was all excruciatingly detailed in my notes down to the same curse words.

(Not only that, there was another problem after that: WIFI on that laptop absolutely will not function with current Linux firmware - that has to be downgraded to the firmware package that was released circa 2016. So at least I saved myself another half-day of frustration.)

What happened!?

Not checking my notes was dumb. But it happened. So why did it happen?

Three reasons:

  1. My Slackware Linux and specific computer system notes are a bit of a shambles.

  2. I’m currently a little behind on my wiki search tooling - I’m fixing this now…​

  3. Even with all of my great notes, I’m still used to searching the Web first for solutions.

Public notes

To address #3 above, I’ve been considering for a long time that I should make public by default any of my notes that aren’t strictly private. Even if they’re a complete mess, there’s a very real possiblity that they’ll help other people. They will definitely help me. And I suspect it will also make me more likely to organize and cultivate my little garden because who wants to look like a disorganized slob in public? :-)

This is also an instance of the Learn in Public and Show Your Work principles.

The Web always needs more real content made by humans. Always has, always will.

One Wiki to Rule Them All

The funny thing is that with my wiki setup, all of the content on this website is already a subset of my personal wiki. So publishing notes is just a matter of moving them into the ratf/ subdirectory and linking them somewhere.