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Card indexing

Created: 2022-02-26

Zettelkasten calls for giving each card an ID which is used to index or file the card in the collection and to make references to it (link/hyperlink) from other notes. Traditional ID methods are based on the need to insert or append new notes into a paper system without disturbing existing sorting and referencing/linking.

Since my system will be strictly digital (well, I may first jot notes onto real physical cards and then transcribe them), I don’t have to worry about these limitations.

Traditional wiki links are CamelCase LikeThis, creating automatic links to pages (which may or may not exist). This is a wonderfully low-friction linking method, but it does have obvious limitations and I wonder if it might actually be a bit too easy?

what I intend to do is create a flat database (in "zettel" style) of notes with logical names that straddle the line between hierarchy, unique ID, and traditional web page naming.

Since most of the cards here so far as I type this on Day One of the experiment are about the cards themselves (naturally, because that’s what I’m currently thinking about), it’s not surprising that the current list of files in this directory looks like this:


Obviously index isn’t a normal card entry. So we can ignore that. um is a stand-alone subject that came up. The rest are cards-*. I’ll use prefixing if I think it will help me find a card later. Otherwise, I’d like to keep the subjects as freeform as possible in the spirit of both zettels and wikis.