What I'm up to right now!

Created: 2020-11-11 Updated: 2020-12-02

The list:

  • Am writing a Forth interpreter in assembly language late at night in bed (seriously)

  • Am using my microcontroller "Multitimer" daily

  • Have been re-bitten by the Web/REST/hypermedia religion bug. Resulting in this top-secret work in progress and a load of used books to arrive at my doorstep:

    • REST in Practice (2010, O’Reilly) by Jim Webber et al

    • RESTful Web Services (2007, O’Reilly) by Leonard Richardson et al

    • RESTful Web Services Cookbook (2010, O’Reilly) by Subbu Allamaraju

    • Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 & Node (2012, O’Reilly) by Mike Admundsen (don’t let the title throw you off, this book looks great!)

    • Adaptive Web Design (2011, Easy Readers) by Aaron Gustafson

    • Weaving the Web (1999, HarperCollins) by Tim Berners-Lee

  • Am maintaining Ziglings, but secretly suffer from imposter syndrom about my systems-level programming knowledge and skills. Am actively working on the remedy from multiple angles (see assembly note above, for example)

  • Have been much more active about adding small bits of content (some blog-like) to this website lately - I think having an "RSS" feed has made me want to publish things more often.

  • Reading a shit-load of technical books and fiction concurrently - I seem to be in a high concurrency phase of my life - something that happens occasionally. Might catalog current books here.

  • Have been taking daily walks for a couple months! Now I have time to listen to podcasts again! Huge fan of AntennaPod for Android to subscribe, queue, download, and listen to podcasts. Currently in rotation:

    • The Array Cast (EXCELLENT! about array programming languages such as APL, J, and BQN)

    • Feeling Good (Potentially life-changing. Dr. Burns has evolved his methods far beyond the original Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

    • The Sourcegraph Podcast (I’ve only heard a couple episodes, but some of the more technical subjects have been great so far)

    • Derek Sivers Podcast (queued, haven’t heard yet)

    • Future of Coding (queued, haven’t heard yet)

    • GreekPod101 (queued, haven’t heard yet)

    • Easy Greek (queued, haven’t heard yet)

This page is a really nice way to brain-dump what I’m into at the moment. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while and when I ran across Derek Sivers’s concept of the "/now" page, I knew I had to jump on board. Read more at nownownow.com!