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Multi-editing cards

Created: 2022-03-19

As much as VViki makes creating wiki-style linked documents pretty frictionless, it’s suprisingly bad at helping me see the big picture and/or keep track of links between documents.

See also cards-multiview.

I’m not sure what sort of interface I might create in Vim to help with this. I guess if I could have anything, it would be a vertical split with my edit history:

  cards-ideas       | :title: Multi-editing cards
> cards-multiedit   | :created: 2022-03-19
  cards-multiview   | :updated:
  forth-jit         |
  computing         | As much as VViki makes creating wiki-style
  deep-thoughts     | linked documents pretty frictionless,...

And then I’d have shortcuts for traversing UP/Down the history. The left pane wouldn’t recieve focus, just visualize the history stack. Any new links I open would go on top of the stack, preserving the history order for fast recall (I find it best to not move things around when I want to get quick at navigating!).

Also, I don’t currently have a facility for renaming a document and updating incoming links to match. That’s all manual and annoying. This is definitely a solvable problem, so TODO.