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Computer Science: Grammar

Created: 2022-08-09

Since I find programming languages so interesting, I’ve come across a lot of "grammar" terminology. But I’ve never quite known where to get to the source of some of these terms.

I asked a question on Hacker News:

Ask HN: Book recommendations for grammar as it relates to computing?

Though any book on compilers or computation will make some reference to grammar (defining terms such as regular vs. non-regular), it is often in passing. I’m interested in a deeper dive. I believe a lot of the terminology we use comes from Chomsky, but his own books seem to be focused on humans and language learning. I’d like a wide survey of the field, but as it relates to making computers do things or encoding information. Oh, and while I’m being wishful, one written in layman’s terms.

Is there a "Grammar as it Relates to Computing for Dummies"?

…​and got some great recommendations.

The first book I’ve attempted (not one of the recommendations, but I wanted to try it) is one of Chomsky’s own: Aspects of the Theory of Syntax

I also have: