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Design (as in 'art and design')

Page created: 2023-05-26 , updated: 2023-07-18

I think I’m also a design maximalist at heart. I want to see bookshelves completely full of well-loved books, tool chests and workshops with a place for everything and everything in its place, and physical and digital interfaces that maximize use of space and put everything you need at arm’s reach. Beautiful things can be useful; useful things can be beautiful. Utility is its own beauty.

I love used bookstores.

However, check out Love Hulten’s creations:

Which are some of the coolest functioning electronic devices I’ve ever seen. They’re not exactly minimalist, but they’re certainly very clean.

I’m also a big fan of Tom Sachs’s functional sculptures, like his boomboxes and spaceships (

One of the nicest web designs I’ve ever seen is, the website of artist Lizbeth Poire.

Which brings me back to the used bookstore thing because a lot of what I like about the Ritual Dust site is the typography and abundant line art. It reminds me of a beautifully typeset book.