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Dave's "Homelab"

Created: 2022-02-27
Updated: 2022-03-19

This card will be an index for other cards containing info about the machines here in my house (for my reference, but possibly for the amusement of others as well).

I’m co-opting the term "homelab" because I don’t feel "home network" properly encapsulates what I’ve got. Yeah, there is absolutely a network in this house, but I’m not really "into" networking for its own sake. "Homelab" may give some folks the wrong impression since it’s often associated with virtualization. I do very little virtualization.

For a little about home home setup, see the page about my use of Git repos and GNU Stow.

Anyway, the list o' machines will get migrated to cards and listed here (I have all the notes, they just need some cleanup, etc.):

I probably would have given into the geeky temptation to go all-in on rackmount gear if the price, noise, and power draw of such devices weren’t so repellent. These days, I use the smallest, greenest machines I can - like Raspberry Pi and low-power Celeron-based computers.

Hmmm…​. I’m not doing a very good job with this card. Whole systems have come and gone since I started it. LOL