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Created: 2022-04-05 Updated: 2022-10-19

I’ve got this idea going around in my head about a command line utility that is part text editor, part programming language.

Before creating this, I plan to write a port of sed as a learning exercise.


I’m calling it "Mushrat" after the way a character says "muskrat" in SWAMP CAT by Jim Kjelgaard (, a book I read as a child. It shortens to mr and I don’t see any other super popular CLI tools with that initialism. And the "rat" part is evocative of my "ratfactor" domain and handle.

TODO: a funny drawing of a muskrat

TODO: links I’ve gathered so far (Firefox: Projects > Mushrat!) (split across the mushrat topic pages above?)

TODO: move notes here from my "better-sed" page on ratf (not linking here so search engines don’t pick up on it resulting in an "Uncool URL" when I remove it!)