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Created: 2022-03-19 Updated: 2022-10-18

I’ve watched this project from afar. I’ve installed it, but I’ve managed to resist trying it out too hard.

This is not because I think I won’t like it. It’s because I’m pretty sure I will like it and then I’ll want to switch and re-write everything in Lua.

(Update: I did give it a go. To my surprise, some incompatibilities and (at the time of this writing) lack of documentation for pure Lua-based customization stopped me cold. Thank goodness. Now I can go back to actually building stuff.)

I have a similar fear of Kakoune. (And now Helix.) :-)

I have no such fear of VS Code. I tried it. Looks nice, but if I were going the graphical route, I would go back to Sublime Text.