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Unnamed (and untamed) text format

Page created: 2022-10-07 , updated: 2022-10-18

I just can’t help it. I gotta create my own text markup language (again).

I really need something that:

(These pain points are where AsciiDoc has specifically fallen short for me. AsciiDoc has otherwise served admirably.)

The Plan:

The "this is definitely going to be converted to HTML, so make it easy to insert HTML" idea is absolutely inspired by Markdown.

I just ran across this today, which perfectly states the case:

Sample so far (the only stuff I’m pretty sure about):

    Paragraph number one.

    number two.

    block of code


      <p>Straight inline HTML. (Everything between <html>...</html> verbatim in output!)</p>

      <a href="wow">Yup, real HTML.</a>

TODO: Also unearth some of my Gopher posts about this to info-mine for ideas.

Sigh :-)

This’ll be at least my fourth. Previous markups:

TODO: I have content and source code for all of these…​


Is this NIH syndrom? Sure, but experience has taught me, painfully, that if you don’t control a piece of software yourself, or if it’s not small enough for you to re-implement it yourself if you need to or it’s not part of some standard from the 1960s that you can definitely count on and there’s dozens of active implementations out there…​then you’re gonna be kinda screwed at some point.

And I could do a subset and modification of AsciiDoc, but then…​why? If I’m not gonna do a 100% compatible, pure implementatin, then there is truly no point in mimicking the rest of it. It’ll only be confusing. And the Markdown "flavor" situation shows us where that leads. Yuck. I don’t want to add to that.

So I’m gonna make my own thing and if it’s useful to anyone else, great. If not, great! And it’s still gonna be a super-simple plaintext format, so it can always be converted to something else later (and WAY easier than AsciiDoc or Markdown, I can promise you that!)