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The Phased Approach

Created: 2022-04-29 Updated: 2022-07-28 (Split off batch work to own card)

On my htmx page, I’ve got working code, creative writing, and art. This is a lot of fun and lets me work on my three favorite pursuits.

But it’s hell on my willpower because there’s a lot of shifting gears between (at least) this many distinct activities:

  1. Learning the thing I’m about to demo

  2. Writing the code to demo it

  3. Creative idea generation

  4. Creative writing

  5. Drawing

Plus the usual file management tasks, etc. that tend to surround this type of project.

(I thought it would be a good idea to do all of those tasks for each little section together because, in theory, each little activity is a break from the previous activity? In practice, it’s forcing me to get "into the zone" on one skill, and then switch to another, which I’ve found to be unpleasant and tiring.)

This is very closely related to batch-work (assembly line style).