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The Poly-Hobbyist

Page created: 2023-07-19

I have many interests. Well, passions, really. I love books, art, computer science, and a variety of crafts. I’m not a top performer at any of these things, but they’re all pursuits that I’ve poured many, many hours into developing and enjoying.

I do them because I like them. I feel content, satisfied when I’m immersed in them.

What am I?

Polymath invokes the imagery of the interdisciplinarian genius like da Vinci or von Neumann (and many others). Too pretentious! Renaissance man sounds even worse.

Jack of all trades (and "master of none"?) doesn’t feel right either.

Philomath (lover of learning) is okay. I’m definitely one of those. But I don’t just love learning, I also love applying and doing.

So I think maybe I’ll just call myself a "poly-hobbyist" for now until I think of something better.