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Pretend to be Awesome

Created: 2022-11-03

The "you" here is me. This is a Note To Self. But if you are not me, maybe "you" could be you and find this helpful too.

Pretending to be awesome all the time kinda sucks. People complain about how tiring it is to maintain the illusion of a perfect life on social media.

Thinking that you have to be awesome all the time is a really terrible idea.

But what if you pretend to be awesome sometimes. That’s way cooler.

You can totally do that, by the way. You can have an alter ego that you slip into sometimes that is completely awesome.

You can feel like total garbage some days (or when I’m sick, I can feel like total garbage for weeks on end). But at night, even just for five minutes at a time, you can be this cool person who writes assembly code and creates a perfect little computing universe.

There are, like, a million different ways to be awesome and you can choose to be that way for a day. Or a couple hours. Or even just a couple minutes. You don’t have to maintain the alter ego all the time. In fact, you musn’t! You have to go back to your regular life most of the time or they’ll catch on! Hide the cape out of sight, but don’t let it collect dust either.