This is a card in Dave's Virtual Box of Cards. and wiki inversion

Created: 2022-02-26

I haven’t thought this out too far ahead yet. This is a stub to be mulled over.

Currently, the entirety of this website, (abbreviated "ratf" in a lot of my tools and file structures) is a subset of my wiki. All of it is created and managed in Vim with vviki.

What I’m contemplating is inverting this relationship so that the website is the root and by default, I’m publishing all of my content.

Some of my notes are private - goals, my log, story ideas, etc. But I can probably just mark those individually. Hmm. I don’t know.

The current structure of my wiki (pruned)

$ tree -d wiki/
|-- diary
|-- gopher-sdf
|-- gopher-zaibatsu
|-- log
|-- ratf
|   |-- src
|   |   |-- cards
|   |-- templates
|   `-- wrangle
`-- um

    (hundreds of wiki pages)

81 directories

The diary/ directory is my old VimWiki log entries. I still need to convert them.