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Vim with (almost) no plugins

Created: 2023-02-27

Back to vim.

On performing a fresh Slackware install today, I got caught by the GitHub removal of Vundle:

I couldn’t install my Vim plugins the way I’ve been doing for years!

This has caused me to take a hard look at the Vim plugins I was using. Turns out I only needed one, vviki, which I wrote.

So I’ve removed the others and now I’m storing just vviki in the horrible "vanilla" Vim plugin scheme and putting that in my dotfile management. Worse, but better.

(Note that I am still stuck on Vim 7.4 on one machine for the moment, so I can’t use the new Vim 8.0 .vim/pack/* directory.)

That’s one less dependency and one less step in my setup.

To remind myself how to install Vim plugins the horrible way without plugins, I turned to my favorite source, Steve Losh’s "Learn Vimscript the Hard Way", only to find that it was down at the regular URL:

But here I was okay because I love and use that resource so much, I bought his book as a hardback from Leanpub. So I just had to go find it on my computer bookshelves. Boom, Chapter 42: Plugin Layout in the Dark Ages.

The moral of the story is that third-party dependencies will always let you down eventually. And paper books may have problems, but they never go offline.