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Created: 2022-10-06

Related: terminals

I’ve been using xfce4-terminal almost exclusively for years. I like it just fine and I’m very used to it. But I’ve recently been considering switching to ye olde xterm because it is old and ubiquitous. I remember first encountering the .Xresources file and saying, "NOPE!"

But reading about xterm’s excellent latency ( compared to Xfce Terminal (1.7ms vs 27.4ms mean) got me thinking about giving xterm another whirl.

There’s some really great resources out there for configuring xterm so it doesn’t cause blood to shoot from your eyeballs when it opens up with a seering white background (honestly, that’s probably the #1 reason I shudder when it opens).

And I’d like to finally add my terminal setup to my dotfles so it’s portable. (It’s no fault of xfce terminal that I haven’t already done that.)