KTuberling (Potato Guy) in Slackware 15.0

Created: 2022-10-06

First of all, thank you to the developers of this "potato editor" for small children. My kids still love this game and it was their first really positive experience with computers (and especially desktop Linux)!

The consistant favorite seems to be the scene where you drag the ingredients to make your own pizza. The kids love to ask what you want on your pizza and then make it for you. :-)

I don’t run KDE (prefering either XFCE or tiling window managers), but I really appreciate a lot of the KDE software such as kate (text editor on the rare occasion I’m not in a terminal), kstars (night sky simulator) and more. But most of all, KTuberling!

I’ve had this simple drag-and-drop picture-making game as a fall-back to entertain my kids with as part of the default Slackware install for years and years.

Anyway, I was saddened to see that Slackware 15.0 doesn’t come with this anymore by default and it’s not yet up on slackbuilds.org.

I’m not a C (or C++ in this case) developer, but I can muddle through a standard-ish build process, so I figured I would put up some handy instructions so others can get to editing potatos on their computers ASAP!

Note: After doing the below, I found a GitHub read-only mirror of the KDE source. Here’s the ktuberling repo (github.com/KDE) for cloning. And it appears that the potato editor is still getting updates, yay!

These instructions shouldn’t be Slackware specific, but they certainly work in Slackware:

git clone git@invent.kde.org:games/ktuberling.git  # also see note above
tar -xf ktuberling-master.tar.gz
cd ktuberling-master
cmake .
sudo make install

That ought to do it. Now you can run ktuberling! The installation also adds a .desktop entry, so you should be able to find it under the Games category.