A Directory of Steve Yegge's Blog/Article Posts
Created: 2018-01-24 Updated: 2020-06-07 (Steve added a new article to Medium)

About this

Steve Yegge had an Amazon-internal blog called "Stevey’s Drunken Blog Rants" from 2004-2005. When he left Amazon, he cleaned them up and made them public. Steve is an extremely engaging writer and he’s got a lot of thought-provoking ideas. As an added bonus, when you read his posts chronologically, they work like a story: the developer’s search for the One True Programming Language and other geeky endeavors.

When Steve started work at Google, he moved his blog to Blogger. Unfortunately, Blogger has no satisfying way to read each entry in order (that I could find!). That’s why this page exists. I wrote a little Ruby script (see the bottom of this page) to grab the blog’s Atom feed and create a chronological index for my own reading enjoyment so I could continue the "story". Then I parsed the Google-hosted Amazon blog and added that to make a complete (?) index.

I’ll probably just manually update the list when Steve writes new entries (whenever I find out about them). I have no plan to automate the process.

Well well well

In a wild case of synchronicity, I was creating this page today and saw that, lo and behold, Steve just moved from Blogger to Medium yesterday. So I’m starting a new section for the Medium articles as well.

2018-07-02 Hello Hacker News! What a coincidence - I was just checking my Apache logs (something I rarely do) and here you all are. Looks like I made the index made the front page briefly today.

2018-Current (newest first)

These are from Steve’s account on Medium. Steve was employed by Grab until May 2020.

2006-2017 (newest first)

These are from Stevey’s Blog Rants on Blogger. Steve was employed at Google during this time.


These are from Stevey’s Drunken Blog Rants. Steve was employed at Amazon during this period.

Creating an index of the Blogspot posts

Here’s my little Ruby script to parse the Blogspot ATOM feed and turn it into a simple HTML link list. (Which has since been turned into AsciiDoc, following the whims of your devoted webmaster.)

#nokogiri is a XML/HTML parsing wrapper can be installed via gem
# It uses libxml2 (was included with Slackware on my machine)
require 'nokogiri'
require 'date'

# yegge.xml downloaded via URL:
yegge = Nokogiri::XML("yegge.xml"))

# get each entry title, url and date
yegge.xpath('//xmlns:entry').each do |e|
	title ='title')[0].text
	url ='link[@rel=alternate]')[0]['href']
	date ='published')[0].text
	date = Date.parse(date).to_s
	puts "<p><time>#{date}</time> <a class=\"entry\" href=\"#{url}\">#{title}</a></p>"