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Page created: 2023-04-17 , updated: 2023-04-19

There are plenty of reasons to not pursue productivity all of the time.

I think there is also a really important distinction between being intentionally "not productive" (also known as having "down time") versus procrastination and being distracted.

That really deserves its own card, so here we are: intentional-rest. And related: ramp-down.

Extracted from the Productivity card:

2022-09-27: I just finished the book Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee, and I’ve gotta say, it made me re-think my desire to be "productive" all the time. Part of me already knew I needed to allow plenty of downtime in my day, but the book put that in a new light for me. (Additionally, it’s challenged me to consider how little in-person socialization I currently get outside of my atomic family.)