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Created: 2022-09-28

I think it’s a really positive thing to be driven to create things and accomplish things. To improve our environment. To be "productive".

Even going back to my school days, I’ve believed in creating things for myself. The "real me" creates stuff on nights and weekends. I’m not defined by what I do at work (though sometimes I’m very proud of what I create there as well.)

To me, being "productive" means having something tangible to show for my time on this planet. Something that represents me and no one else.

Currently, the most powerful method of sticking with personal projects (and my day job, too!) is Do One Thing at a Time.

Another angle to this is: project-depth

2022-09-27: I just finished the book Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee, and I’ve gotta say, it made me re-think my desire to be "productive" all the time. Part of me already knew I needed to allow plenty of downtime in my day, but the book put that in a new light for me. (Additionally, it’s challenged me to consider how little in-person socialization I currently get outside of my atomic family.)

See also The Phased Approach to (personal) project work. And Simultaneous Learning vs Simultaneous Doing