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Inspiration for the virtual box of cards

Created: 2022-02-27 Updated: 2022-10-12

Very recently, the "straw that broke the camel’s back" came from discovering Soren Bjornstad’s website:

…​and blog:

…​and zettelkasten:

…​and commonplace:

Like you, I’ve contemplated each of these venues separately. But seeing one person with all of them really clicked for me. Each one serves a difference purpose.

Trying to shoehorn all forms of writing, collecting, and thinking into one system just leads to frustration. Why can’t one person have all of those systems? Of course you can. I give you permission too.

Long before that, inspiration came from other personal knowledge bases, wikis, and zettelkasten: (examples curated by by Kicks Condor) (Pile of Index Cards) (this Hacker News post about Zettelkasten) (Krzysztof Kowalczyk’s external brain) (Nikita Voloboev’s personal knowledge base)

And now other cool examples have a page.

Long before that, inspiration came from the original Wiki Wiki Web: (a read-only copy of the wiki - still chock-full of high quality reading!) (wikipedia’s entry)

Long before that, inspiration came from Umberto Eco and Vladimir Nabokov.

See also Why am I calling them "cards"?