About Me/This

A small page composed mostly of lists
Updated: 2021-11-11

Howdy, I’m Dave Gauer. I’ve worked in web technologies since the late 1990s.

What I’m up to right now!


Here are some of my interests:

  • Programming of all kinds (here I am on GitHub)

  • Art

  • Linux/BSD/Unix

  • The Gopher and Gemini protocols

  • Books

    • Science fiction

    • Fantasy

    • Computing

    • General fiction

    • General non-fiction

    • Bibliographies

    • Biographies

    • Art monographs

  • Movies/Film

  • Music

  • Learning and personal productivity

  • Boardgames

  • Space travel

You can also find me on SDF, the public access UNIX system.

This website

I’ve had the ratfactor.com domain since 1997. That’s (well) over twenty years!

I’ve got content with

  • No advertising

  • No tracking/cookies of any kind

  • No JavaScript unless used by a tool on the page

  • No bloat (check out ratfactor’s css file)

  • Of course there’s a humans.txt. :-)

  • Home page is currently under 100 Kb total (link:https://1mb.club/[find me on 1mb.club!})

Browse this website with your favorite terminal program or screen reader!

retro under construction animated gif

I’ll probably add more to this page when I get a moment. It’s all falling down!