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Life as a Workspace

Created: 2022-05-03

If we zoom out of the inner microcosm of the inner mental-workspace, up through physical-workspace, and out to the broadest personal manifestation of a workspace, what value can we get from considering our lives as workspaces.

What does a baby have near at hand in her play area on a blanket on the living room floor? Toys. Stuffed animals. Music. A parent just cry away?

How about a young child? Pencils and paper. A favorite notebook. More toys. A parent just a cry away?

How about a young adult. A parent. A grandparent. What do they have readily on hand? What can they rely on? What are their tools?

Though largely invisible, I think you could say there is a physical, mental, emotional workspace around us that we have (intentionally or not) formed for the current project that is our life.

Are most of us good about keeping our workspaces in good functioning order? Is everything handy and ready to serve? Do I have all the tools I need nearby or are they awkward to get at?