The Zig Programming Language

Created: 2021-01-15
Updated: 2023-09-19

My Zig timeline so far (reverse chronology):

And so it begins…​

After giving Rust a respectful goodbye for now, I’m still on the quest to learn a proper systems-level programming language.

I’m tired of limits. I want to be able to do what C programmers can do…​without having to write C.

After quite a bit of reading (more than is useful or healthy, really) on my options, I’ve now aimed my sights on Zig (


When I was learning Rust, I really loved rustlings, a repo and script that give you "Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code!"

So to supplement my use of and the language documentation, I’m making Ziglings.

Zero and Ziggy fix things for Ziglings

So far, this has been a wonderful way to teach myself and build the resource I wish I could be using to learn the language. Hopefully it will be useful to others as well.

Attempting to "teach as I learn" is slowed me way down vs. just reading the available material and writing some toy scripts, but it’s also making the details stick much better and I’m finding that I can write the parts of Zig I’ve learned so far by memory, which usually takes much longer for me to aquire. So that’s nice.

Keeping up with this has been challenging, though, so I enlisted help!

Zig Cheatsheet