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The purpose of these cards

Created: 2022-02-26

See also Why "cards"?

I get ideas all the time and I often capture them in my notebooks (see My Notebook System article). What should I do with them after I’ve captured them?

I also learn or figure out solutions to lots of problems on a frequent basis. (Mostly computer stuff.) They’re little things that I don’t need to turn into full-blown articles. Sadly, most of these just get lost and I end up having to re-learn them or re-figure them out.

I don’t have anything really great for storing and sharing these little bits of info until now. I’m excited that I’ll have a place to put tiny notes.

(At the Unix command line, the "um" system system has worked really well for quick retrieval. But that’s a very specialized resource.)

I’m sure some card tooling will be required to make them truly frictionless to create and easy to search.

I’ve also heard that these small, connected notes promote idea generation and creative thinking. It seems like a reasonable claim.